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College chicks, is there anything better? Fresh out of their childhood home and somewhere new, totally free of parental supervision, and ready to experiment heavily!  Just think of how many 'good girls' you knew that went off to college... bet it didn't take long for you to hear stories of some wild sexual encounters from them! Here at CollegeSluts, we bring that experience to you live in real time to your computer screen.  Tune in and watch as these barely legal babes turn on their web cams with their boyfriends (or possibly just fuck buddies, for that matter!) sucking cock, getting fucked, having their first anal experience, threesomes, you name it, these babes are indulging on it live on web cam!  You'll be blown away at the energy level of these young couples having intense marathon fuck sessions.  Believe us when we say that once you've gotten a small little taste of what we have to offer, you'll be completely hooked on it!

Experience the Mix of Technology and Pornography

Lets face it - pornography hasn't really offered anything truly new and ground breaking in decades.  Really ever since home media brought XXX into our homes, the only thing that's changed much is the format you receive it in and the picture quality.  In the end, it's all just different ways to give you pre recorded content for you to watch.  Anything even trying to claim interactivity has been a mild curiosity at best, and a complete joke at work.  About the closest the studios have ever given us to interactive is those corny virutal sex DVDs, which is really just creative use of the medium - triggering playback of a specific clip at a certain time or when a selection is made in a menu.  Brace yourselves, because now, interactivity is finally here, and it is fucking phenomenal!  With a live web cam feed, you as the viewer have the power to shape the scene.  Imagine this scenario, for example:  this well hung stud is pounding his sexy young college girlfriend deep and hard doggy style, teasing her asshole with his thumb a little bit.  But, you just noticed there's a big black dildo sitting on the bed, and you're thinking to yourself 'Dude, swap your thumb out for that toy!' Simply use the chat feature of the room to tell them what you want to see - like that dildo hanging out of her ass while she gets her pussy pounded!  Maybe you want to see the scene end with a messy creampie, complete with her letting it drip out into her hands before devouring every single drop? Just let them know in the chat what you want to see!  You can even sweeten the deal and make it harder for them to want to say no by sending them a tip using our built in tipping system.  Some of our girls even have high tech toys that you can control remotely!  You'll be amazed at the nearly endless options for how a scene can unfold on our live cams.

Anything That You're Into, We've Got It!

We here at CollegeSluts may have a slight bias towards the supple young college honeys, but we openly welcome and embrace any and all on our website.  Anything you're into, we've got a cam for you.  Whether it's gay men and couples, lesbians, solo girls, shemales, or anything and everything else, we've got you covered.  That goes double for fetishes too - like you, our models all have their own kinks and fetishes so you're bound to find the right mix of what you're in the mood for.  Now, we've made it even easier to find that perfect cam to tune into, thanks to our searching and tag features.  If it's something a bit more simple and basic, a standard search will turn up what you want quite quickly.  But say it's something a bit more specific you want - for instance, young lesbian babes using strap on dildos, maybe with a bondage element.  Use our tags, in this example, lesbians, strap on, BDSM, and run your search.  It will automatically narrow your results down strictly to cams matching your specific criteria.  It truly couldn't get much easier to find the perfect live show!  

Never Pay a Penny

Are you thinking "what?!" upon reading that?  Believe it or not, is a completely free website.  There's no catch either in the form of limiting what you can view or do.  It's all totally free!  We do prefer you register, but you can tune into our cams and use numerous features of the website without even registering an account.  Registering without an email will enable you to use some more features, and registering with an email address will unlock the full amount of features we have available - including live one on one video chatting and sending a tip to your performer.  And on the note of tipping - that is the only way you'll ever pay a penny here on, and it's completely voluntary.  No one is going to make you do it - it's simply a way to show a little extra apprecation for when you're really loving the show your performers are putting on.